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Model Reduction and Coarse-Graining Approaches ...
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Model reduction and coarse-graining are important in many areas of science and engineering. How does a system with many degrees of freedom become one with fewer? How can a reversible micro-description be adapted to the dissipative macroscopic model? These crucial questions, as well as many other related problems, are discussed in this book. Specific areas of study include dynamical systems, non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, kinetic theory, hydrodynamics and mechanics of continuous media, (bio)chemical kinetics, nonlinear dynamics, nonlinear control, nonlinear estimation, and particulate systems from various branches of engineering. The generic nature and the power of the pertinent conceptual, analytical and computational frameworks helps eliminate some of the traditional language barriers, which often unnecessarily impede scientific progress and the interaction of researchers between disciplines such as physics, chemistry, biology, applied mathematics and engineering. All contributions are authored by experts, whose specialities span a wide range of fields within science and engineering. TOC:Part 1. Model Reduction and Invariant Manifolds.- Scaling, Self-Similarity, and the Euler-Poisson Equations.- A New Model-Reduction Method for Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Using Singular PDE Theory .- Invariant Manifolds for Stochastic Differential Equations.- Ghost ILDM-Manifolds and Their Identification.- Diagnostic Goal-Driven Reduction Of Multiscale Process Models.- Chemical Master Equation Reduction.- Macroscopic Models For Rarefied Gas Flows.- Trajectory-Based Concepts for Model And Complexity Reduction In (Bio)Chemical Kinetic.- Part 2. Coarse-Graining: Physics and Algorithms.- Equation-Free Computation of Coarse Self-Similar Solutions.- Multi-Scale Analysis For Inertial Particles In A Random Field.- Dynamic Optimization of Large-scale and Multi-scale Dynamic Systems in a Reduced Multiple Shooting Framework.- Adaptive Steering of Microscopic Simulators to Coarse Bifurcation Points: A Coarse Timestepper -Coarse Feedback Linearization Approach.- Patch Dynamics for Multiscale Problems.- Convergence of Robustness, Information Theory, and Statistical Mechanic.- Reduction Schemes for Multiscale Evolutionary Dynamics.- Micro-Macro Interfacing for Lattice Boltzmann Models.- Partial Thermostatting of Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics.- Understanding Macroscopic Heat/Mass Transfer Using Meso- and Macro-Scale Simulation.- Part 3. Applications.- Multi-Scale Dynamics and Model Reduction in Integrated Process Networks.- Recent Developments in The Solution of Non Equilibrium Flows via Kinetic Theory.- Optimal Control of Emulsion Polymerisation Processes Employing Population Balance Models.- Reactions Invariants and Other Structural Properties of Reaction System Models. Application in Dynamical System Analysis and Process Control.- Kinetic Modeling of The Microstructure Growth in Plasma Arc Fabrication of Nickel Aluminide Coatings.- Analytical and Computational Approaches for Extracting Population-Level Behaviour from Individual-Based Models of Biological Systems.- Dynamical Decomposition of Multiscale System Of ODEs with Application to Modelling of Diesel Fuel Combustion

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